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Ensemble de fabrication de bougies - Marie fil

candle making set

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Does candle making turn you on? The Weed Candle Making Set is for you! It contains everything needed to make 3 plain candles (unscented) of 125 ml (116g).

Included in the set:

  • 350g of natural soy wax , without additives*

  • 3 Mason jars of 125 ml

  • 3 crackling wicks of FSC-certified wood

  • 3 bases made of metal

  • 3 pretty labels to identify your candles

  • there complete procedure for making your 3 candles - internet access required !

*The image of the wax bag may change.

How to perfume

If you want to scent your candles (although it is not necessary), you must use essential oils with a high flash point!

  • exotic basil

  • Ho wood

  • Clove

  • rose geranium

  • Bourbon rose geranium

  • true lavender

  • field mint

  • Palmarosa

  • Patchouli

  • Bigarade Petitgrain

  • clary sage

  • tea-tree

  • Ylang ylang

wood wicks

Why Choose Wood Drill Bits?

For the delicious smell of wood and the haunting sound of crackling. Just that is worth a lot! Eh eh.

First of all, compared to cotton wicks (cotton requiring a lot of water and pesticides) , our wooden wicks are produced using eco-responsible forestry practices.

In addition, candles made with wood wicks last longer: the wood wick burns more slowly than the cotton wick since the wood wick burns at a lower temperature than the cotton one. So it's also safer.

The flame | Q&A

  • Does your wick go out on its own? The flame is very small?

It is most likely the wick size that is the problem. A wick of wood must be cut very short, either 5mm from the surface of the wax , since it is the wax which rises by capillarity in the wick which keeps the flame lit, and not the wood.

In the same vein, it is important to maintain the wick removing the charred portions by pinching it with your fingers (once the wick has cooled!) after each use.

  • First session - where it all happens

During the first session (and all the others too, but even more during the first), it is essential to let the wick burn until the melted wax reaches the rim of the container . When this step is omitted, an accumulation of unmelted wax forms and a depression is created in the center of the candle. This is not ideal for the flame in the long run since the level of oxygen it needs to burn will not be optimal and wax buildup may drown the wick.

Photo: Jacinthe Morin / Weeds

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