Marie fil Menstrual Panties - Classic Black Regular Size
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Free delivery in Canada with the purchase of $50 or more or fixed at $7. Order sent quickly in less than 5 working days.
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Culotte Menstruelle Classique - Marie fil
Culotte Menstruelle Classique - Marie fil
Culotte Menstruelle Classique - Marie fil
Culotte Menstruelle Classique - Marie fil
Culotte Menstruelle Classique - Marie fil
Culotte Menstruelle Classique - Marie fil
Culotte Menstruelle Classique - Marie fil
Culotte Menstruelle Classique - Marie fil

Classic Period Panties

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Marie fil menstrual panties look like regular panties.

Except that its particularity is in the thoughtful details for real life :

- A discreet natural fiber lining :

  • playing the role of a super soft panty liner permanently integrated inside
  • longer front and back than standard seam gauges to ensure perfect protection
  • available in 2 color choices:
    • Natural: undyed and unbleached, for sensitive or infection-prone skin. Also a good choice if you like to visually track your menstrual flow.
    • Black: for greater ease of maintenance.

    - A breathable and waterproof barrier :

      • composed of a thin thickness 100% PUL, making your menstrual panties invincible to any leakage that would like to cross it.

    For a light flow or in duo with your menstrual cup, the menstrual panties alone are sufficient for the day.

    But because we like that the panties can easily adapt to the menstrual cycle, it is possible to add:

    • A Marie fil day or night insert (optional) :
      • Provides a double absorbent and waterproof protection thanks to its composition identical to the gusset of the menstrual panties.
      • Attaches with snaps ( super thin, we don't feel them, promise! ), to stay in place no matter the activity.
      • Interchangeable as many times as you want throughout your menstrual flow.

    Wearing Marie fil menstrual panties means choosing to be comfortable and feel good about yourself, menstruating or not. And together, more than ever, we are making an important eco-responsible gesture for the environment. 💚

    Marie fil washable period panties in detail

    - 1 menstrual panties (as in the main photo), made with love in Quebec, for real ( hello to my seamstresses Nadia, Marie-Ève, Mégane and Andréanne 💚)

    - Optional: day and/or night insert(s)

    The panties:

    Composition :
    95% organic cotton
    5% spandex
    100% comfortable

    The lining: what affects your most sensitive area

    Absorption level: 340 GSM (grams/square meter)

    (This is my little geek side who wants to indicate it just because it's the kind of thing that I find fun to know. Concretely, it is equivalent to a panty liner, luxury version)

    45% hemp*
    55% organic cotton
    100% natural

    * Hemp is so much the future for the environment. Its transformation requires
    very little water and no chemicals. It's simple, it has everything going for it:

    • antibacterial (goodbye bad smells)
    • hypoallergenic (no more irritation and itching)
    • first in class in terms of absorption
    • blended with cotton, it's a really skin-friendly marriage

    Choosing the right size of washable period panties:

    Buying period panties online is not easy. You never know if the “fit” on us will be good. I understand you.

    In order to order the correct size period panties, measure your hips, above the buttocks, using a tape measure positioned parallel to the floor. If you hesitate between two sizes, take the larger one. Periods often come with a swollen or sore stomach. We are looking for comfortable period panties!

    If ever the menstrual panties do not fit despite this precaution, it is possible to exchange them according to the returns and exchanges policy and in compliance with all of the following conditions:

    • Menstrual panties must not have been worn without another underwear underneath for the fitting.
    • It must not have been washed or used.
    • It must be returned in the same condition in which it was sent to you.

    Are you still hesitating? I answer the most frequently asked questions about period panties .

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 82 reviews
    Produit de qualité par une entreprise d'ici

    Super beau service humain et beau produit d'une grande qualité. Merci !

    viktoryia Yasinovich

    Lorsque j'ai sortie ma commande de l'emballage je me suis dit que ces produits sont faits avec amour!!!! Vraiment belle couture et très confortables!!! En plus j'ai demandé des subventions de ma ville pour un remboursement partiel, car nous avons un programme pour des produits féminines réutilisables! Je suis fière d'utiliser les produits durables! Merci beaucoup pour des super produits et le cadeau:) il est évident que je vais conseiller votre entreprise à mes amies:)

    Discrète et élégante

    C'est ma 6e culotte menstruelle et je ne me tanne pas!
    Cette culotte est parfaite pour tous les pantalons foncés et s'utilise super bien avec les inserts lors des menstruations. La grandeur est aussi adéquate aux mesures prises (je porte du médium), pas trop serrée mais couvre bien. Tellement confortable!
    Merci pour ce beau produit :)

    Laura Fournier
    Super produit!

    J'ai beaucoup aimé mon expérience avec vous. Les produits sont de qualité, la livraison s'est faite rapidement et il y avait mon nom sur l'emballage. Le site aussi est bien fait. Bref, je suis fière d'acheter 100% fait au Québec avec un si bon service!


    Plus jamais je ne porterai de serviette sanitaire inconfortable grâce aux culottes menstruelles super confo, faciles d’entretient et super efficaces de marie fil.

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