Washable Cleansing Cotton Made in Quebec – Marie fil
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Free delivery in Canada with the purchase of $50 or more or fixed at $7. Order sent quickly in less than 5 working days.
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1 coton démaquillant lavable - naturel - Marie fil

Individually washable make-up remover pad

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You don't wear makeup often? Like in just Christmas and weddings?

Welcome to the team!

You can now buy the washable makeup remover pads individually so you always have one to help you in your makeup bag.

The best washable makeup remover pad

Here, our make-up remover cotton pads have the shape of a disposable make-up remover cotton pad. That is to say 2.5" in diameter. They are made of hemp and organic cotton. This means that they are very durable because hemp is renowned for its durability.

Each cotton pad is made one by one. And what's more, it's made with love in our own sewing workshop in Quebec.

Tips and tricks

To use it to its full value, the ultimate trick is to wet it and wring it out before putting our make-up remover on it. It allows you to use less makeup remover! In addition to being economical, it is ecological !

The cotton make-up remover Marie fil has a soft side and a rougher side. This is what allows you to use it in all sauces.

And you know what? Most of them come from our leftover fabrics since we use the same fabrics for our period panties and washable sanitary napkins .

And washing cotton pads?

Nothing's easier! We put everything in the washer with our other stuff that we already wash. Then we put them in the dryer. Ideally, if you have a washing net , I recommend that you put them in it so that the elves in the lost stockings don't find them.

If you want the white natural colored cottons longer, it is better to rinse them before putting them in the washer. Otherwise, I like to use a little stain-removing soap like Madame Blancheville 's.

When possible, it is better to avoid using fabric softener or even bleach. These tend to decrease the performance of the fabrics in addition to not being eco-friendly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent produit

Doux, pratiques, efficaces, se lavent bien. Je n'utilise que ça pour me démaquiller maintenant :)

Bon produit - efficace!

Bien fait - Jaime beaucoup les utiliser. Je ne sais pas s'ils se font plus grand mais si je dois acheter à nouveau cest ce que je vais privilégier.

Jennifer Brisson
Merci ❤️

Je trouvais que j'en utilisais tellement trop et que j'avais un impact négatif sur la planète.. Votre produits m'a ouvert la porte à faire plus! Et que dire de la qualité!! Merci ❤️

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