FAQ: Information on the Marie fil washable menstrual panties
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Free delivery in Canada with the purchase of $50 or more or fixed at $7. Order sent quickly in less than 5 working days.
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FAQ: Information on the Marie fil washable menstrual panties

How do washable period panties work?

It's like an everyday panty, but designed to protect women on a daily basis and in all circumstances (vaginal discharge, vaginal infections, light urinary leakage, postpartum and menstruation).

This feminine underwear works thanks to an absorbent natural fiber panty liner directly integrated into its design.

All this, while remaining discreet!

If this is your first time using washable period panties, you may feel a little stressed out of fear of a leak or spillage. But you will quickly be impressed and reassured by the level of absorption and the impermeability of the washable menstrual panties.

It's cliché to say that, but trying it is really adopting it. Washable period panties will completely change your view of sustainable feminine hygiene products.

Do menstrual panties need to be changed during the day?

For a light flow or as a duo with your menstrual cup, menstrual panties alone are sufficient for the day, as they are as absorbent as a luxury panty liner.

For heavier bleeding, double protection can be added with a Marie fil day or night insert , easily interchangeable during the menstrual flow thanks to the press studs inside the panties.

Can you feel the snaps inside the period panties?

Absolutely not, because they are super thin. The integrated snaps to make the menstrual panties adaptable over the menstrual cycle and therefore more durable. WE love!

Can I use my period panties at night?

Some women wear their period panties the same day and night. Others prefer the option of adding a Marie fil night insert to ensure better protection.

Extended by 2 inches in the front and 4 inches in the back, the direction of the night insert can be reversed if your bleeding is more forward or if you sleep on your stomach ( yes yes, we have thought of everything! ).

Period panties follow your movements at night like a traditional sanitary napkin. Finally peace of mind at night!

Menstrual panties, does it come with the smell?

No! Thanks to the super power of the lining made of natural fibers, your menstrual panties are odorless. Organic cotton and hemp have antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. It is magic!

How do I care for my period panties?

Several methods exist for the maintenance of your menstrual panties. It's best to experiment to find the one that's right for you.

My favorite maintenance method:

  1. I store my menstrual panties and inserts in a waterproof pouch (wet bag).
  2. +/- 12 hours before washing, I soak them in a bucket of cold water. (Sometimes I add baking soda , but that's really optional.)
  3. If necessary, I rub the stains with my Madame Blancheville stain remover soap .
  4. And hop! I put them in the washer, in cold water, with my bath towels.
  5. For drying, I hang them for a longer life. It is also possible to put them in the dryer at low temperature.

And now, voila!

PS: Do not bleach or add fabric softener , otherwise it will affect the absorbency.

PPS: If you live well with the stains or if the lining of your panties is black, you can go directly to step 4!

How many period panties should I have during my period?

Flat answer, but true: it depends on each person's menstrual cycle (duration and blood flow), because we are all different! To make your life easier, 3 kits are available:

  • The starter kit : perfect for those who want to start (or the curious)
  • The lazy laundry kit: ideal for those who prefer to accumulate before washing (or who procrastinate)
  • The Marie fil tous les jours kit : created for those who can't live without it (or who are already in love)

    What styles and sizes of menstrual panties are available?

    From right to left :

    • Tanga: 3XS to 4XL.
    • Regular size: 3XS to 4XL.
    • High waist: 3XS to 4XL.
    • Extra high waist: 3XS to 4XL.

    One thing is certain, all of our period panties are comfortable, practical and durable. Word of Marie fil!

    Is there a period panty model for teenage girls?

    All models being offered in a wide range of sizes (3XS to 4XL), many of our customers have already adopted our period panties for their teenage girls who love them:

    If you're used to shopping by sizes indicated by age, here's an idea of ​​the industry equivalences for girls ages 8 to 16:

    • 8-10 years = 3XS
    • 10-12 years = 2XS
    • 12-14 years old = XS
    • 14-16 years old = S

    To choose the right size of menstrual panties, it is still very important to check the measurements using the size chart at the bottom of this page and also included in each product sheet. 💚

    Will some period panty designs be back?

    Unfortunately no. It's a question often asked, but the only permanent collection is the classic black in all models.

    All patterns and other colors are part of ephemeral collections, available in very limited quantities when they appear in stores and online.

    A little tip: be sure to subscribe to the Le Journal de Marie fil newsletter to get a sneak peek at the new patterns and get your hands on your favourites. 😍

    Are Marie fil menstrual panties made in Quebec?

    Marie fil period panties are 100% proudly designed and made in Quebec with love ( hi to my seamstresses Nadia, Marie-Ève, Mégane and Andréanne 💚).

    Do period panties contain PFAS?

    Marie fil menstrual panties do not contain PFAS (PFOS and PFOA).

    Is it possible to try on my period panties to ensure the correct size and fit?

    Yes, it is possible to try on menstrual panties by coming to visit us at the Marie fil boutique located at 1720, 1 st avenue in Quebec (Limoilou).

    For online purchases, it's less obvious (obviously!). We suggest choosing the panty size you usually wear.

    In case of uncertainty, consult the size chart below:

    We also have a returns and exchanges policy .

    So, curious to see all the models of our beautiful period panties ?