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Free delivery in Canada with the purchase of $50 or more or fixed at $7. Order sent quickly in less than 5 working days.
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FAQ Marie Fil Menstrual Swimwear Information

How does a period swimsuit work?

The Marie fil menstrual swimsuit is like a regular women's swimsuit, but suitable for discharge, bladder leakage, sweating and…menstruation!

A discreet, ecological and absorbent menstrual swimsuit!

With a super discreet lining at the gusset level which has a technology allowing to absorb and collect the menstrual blood without swelling in the water.

The liner also hides a thin waterproof layer inside to eliminate any risk of leakage in the water or through the jersey .

We can therefore opt for swimming or sunbathing, incognito and 100% comfortable in our skin, menstruating a little, a lot or not at all!

The menstrual swimsuit is suitable for what type of menstrual flow?

For a light flow or in duo with your menstrual cup, the menstrual swimsuit alone is sufficient, whether you are in the water, on the beach or a joyful mix of the 2! 🌊 ⛱

And if you want to be able to change the absorbent during the day or when you get out of the water, you can attach an insert (included with the swimsuit). The insert is interchangeable with the menstrual flow thanks to the press studs inside the shirt.

It's really a matter of personal comfort. 💚

Can you feel or see the snaps through the menstrual swimsuit?

Absolutely not, because they are super thin. Menstrual swimsuit snaps are designed for the comfort of the woman who will wear them!

What is the composition of the absorbent part of the menstrual swimsuit?

The absorbent part is made of 100% polyester hiding a thin waterproof layer inside. An all-in-one, innovative and eco-responsible fabric:

  • made without harmful chemicals
  • single-handedly combining super absorbency for the life of the fabric, waterproofing and leak protection
  • hypoallergenic
  • antimicrobial to control bad odors
  • free of endocrine disruptors such as PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals and BPA / free of phthalates / free of silver nanoparticles

A pure marvel!

Is the menstrual swimsuit resistant?

Oh yes! The entire menstrual swimsuit is made of recycled polyester ♻️ OEKO-TEX®: resistant to chlorine, sunscreen and pilling. It also offers UV protection (SPF 50+). 🙌🏻

The menstrual swimsuit is also fully lined to offer absolute support and keep excellent opacity in the long term ( even if we wear it often because we love it too much! 💚).

Does the menstrual swimsuit contain PFAS?

Marie fil menstrual swimsuit does not contain PFAS (PFOS and PFOA).

What is the maintenance of a menstrual swimsuit?

  1. After use, wring out the menstrual swimsuit before putting it in the waterproof pouch (included with the swimsuit) to carry it home.
  2. If needed, rinse the bikini line with cold water to release period blood until the water runs clear.
  3. Then, put the jersey in the washing machine, in cold water on the delicate cycle ( and in a mesh washing bag, it's even better! )
  4. Hang the jersey or dry it flat.

And now, voila!

PS: Do not bleach or add fabric softener , otherwise it will affect the absorbency.

What styles of menstrual swimwear are available?

  • Épinette model: regular size jersey : 3XS to 4XL. ( Annabelle (left) is wearing size Large )
  • Sequoia model: high-waisted swimsuit : 3XS to 4XL. ( Cathy (center) is wearing size XLarge )
  • Cypress model: cheeky swimsuit: 3XS to 4XL. ( Alyson (right) wears size Medium )

And while we're at it, 2 models of bikini tops are also available in the same stretch fabric to stay 100% comfortable, again and again:

  • Poplar model: camisole top : 3XS to 4XL ( Annabelle (left) wears size Large )
  • Saule model: top crossed at the back : 3XS to 4XL ( Cathy (in the center) wears the size 2XLarge and Alyson (on the right) wears the size Medium )

Is it possible to try them on to be sure of the correct size and fit?

Yes it is possible by coming to visit us at the Marie fil boutique located at 1720, 1 st avenue in Quebec.

For online purchases, it's less obvious (obviously!). We suggest choosing the jersey size you usually wear. In case of uncertainty, consult the chart below.

We also have a returns and exchanges policy .

So, curious to see all the models of our essential menstrual swimwear? It's this way!