The importance of manufacturing in Quebec... Humanly! – Marie fil
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Free delivery in Canada with the purchase of $50 or more or fixed at $7. Order sent quickly in less than 5 working days.
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The importance of manufacturing in Quebec... Humanly!

Marie fil is one of the few companies to manufacture its menstrual hygiene products in Quebec. There are probably thousands of washable period panties , period swimwear, or sanitary pads on the market. However, very few of these products are also made in Quebec. Is it ethical?

Marie fil manufactures in Quebec... Not "Made in China"!

At Marie fil, it would be easy to increase the profit margin of our products by choosing to have them manufactured in China (or in India, Colombia, Turkey, etc.). Unfortunately, customers rarely ask about this important detail. A Quebec company does not necessarily mean "Made in Quebec". This is how thousands of “eco-responsible” products become responsible for many ills.

Being eco-responsible is not a fad!

Being eco-responsible is not just a fad, it's above all a way of life. The boots must follow the chops if we want a real change. For Marie fil, it would be nonsense to sell an eco-responsible feminine hygiene product that would be made in China. A country renowned for being everything... Except eco-responsible ! However, it is common in the industry and several Quebec companies do it. Some even hide the information to influence the purchase.

Manufacturing in Quebec is more ecological

By manufacturing and selling our products in Quebec, Marie fil makes sure to limit the transport of its products. The greenhouse gas emissions that come with it are also reduced considerably. It also ensures that our products are manufactured in clean environments, without contaminants or chemicals. Which is not always the case in other countries. By the way, we have rarely heard of China reclaiming their fabric scraps to create beautiful women's panties !

Saving the environment to promote exploitation... A solution, really?

Several countries offering low manufacturing prices are not known for their ethics in terms of working conditions . Whether through the exploitation of children, women, miserable wages, unsanitary conditions or appalling working conditions. Don't you want the human behind the product you buy to be happy creating it? The values ​​of equality, respect and well-being are very important in our small business in Limoilou. Above all, we cannot solve environmental problems by creating other equally serious human problems.

Ethical and human working conditions

Marie fil finds it important that her seamstresses have working conditions adapted to their lives and a lower salary. Moreover, many seamstresses work part-time by choice and we respect this request 100%. The pearls you find in front of their sewing machine are all major and always treated with respect. The cost of the product is often higher, but so is the salary of the human who made it.

By encouraging local purchasing and favoring products made in Quebec, you are making a difference in the lives of people here. These are Quebecers who will be able to feed their families, pay for their housing and simply live.

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