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Circular economy for the environment, what is it?

The circular economy is a way of the future in terms of entrepreneurship and the environment. This is a trend that will reduce human waste and waste of resources. At Marie fil, an eco-responsible company, we opt for the recovery of our fabric scraps to create zero waste women's underwear!

The circular economy: Recycle, recover and recover residual materials

The circular economy is the principle of recycling, upgrading or recovering to generate profits rather than creating something new. Every new product comes with new waste created during its manufacture. This is why the gesture of upgrading an object or reusing it in a new production is significant. In 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ICCS) confirmed in a report on the circular economy that action must be taken now to combat climate change . With the help of residual reduction, reuse and recycling targets, it was possible to help the environment. In Quebec, only 3.5% of the resources put into circulation are reused or recovered. This is unfortunately very little!

Environmental transition: Fighting overconsumption by recycling

Overconsumption is an integral part of the current environmental problem. Humans consume more than they need and use more natural resources than there are. An environmental transition of companies would make it possible to fight against the negative impacts of overproduction. By making simple decisions such as repairing their products rather than reselling a new product or even managing their obsolete products. Companies can do their part, but they still have to be willing.

Upgrading a resource to create an eco-friendly women's underwear

Marie fil manufactures eco-responsible women's underwear entirely made of recycled materials . By using the unused fabric of menstrual panties , our team allows the creation of an eco-responsible and zero waste panty. This action avoids the waste of fabric scraps that would normally be discarded. Marie fil is also one of the few companies to take the environmental impact of its waste seriously. The repair of our used products is also generally possible. A Facebook group administered by Marie-Philippe concerning textile recovery also makes it possible to be more eco-responsible.

Do you want to participate in the circular, local and eco-responsible economy? Visit our ecological store in Limoilou or our online store !

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