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Menstrual panties in your delivery bag!

This text was written by our collaborator Sarah Tailleur, mother of 3 children

In the process of making my hospital list for my first delivery, my best friend advised me to add adult diapers to my hospital bag. It helped to collect the heavy bleeding that follows childbirth and reduced the management of waste created by disposable sanitary napkins. I was so embarrassed when buying them that I sent my boyfriend to the pharmacy. For me, it was above all a question of comfort, hygiene and simplicity!

Menstrual panties to the rescue of postpartum

I was far from suspecting that an ecological alternative could exist to the famous beige adult diaper. That's why I bought it every time a delivery was early. Menstrual panties provide the comfort of panties for adults, but also protection that follows the movements of the woman who wears them. It takes up very little space in the hospital bag and you just have to drag a bag to throw them in the washer when you get home. We all know it, it's almost the first thing we do, anyway, with the contents of our suitcase when we return from childbirth.

Menstrual panties, an alternative to disposable sanitary napkins

Personally, I've never really found my account with disposable sanitary napkins. Both in the postpartum period and in my everyday life. Having a blood flow, let's say... "bloody", I always end up with an overflow that will stain my clothes. Without forgetting my sheets, my blankets and everything around! My boyfriend will confirm it to you and not cheerfully.

Menstrual hygiene after childbirth

Since my deliveries, wearing a tampon or even a menstrual cup is not optimal. It's less comfortable than before. It still took me a solution and I did not see myself adopting disposable sanitary panties for life. It's far from sexy!

What I like about period panties ? In addition to reducing the waste I produce, it is comfortable, durable, absorbent and much cuter than an adult diaper!

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