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Free delivery in Canada with the purchase of $50 or more or fixed at $7. Order sent quickly in less than 5 working days.
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Menstrual bathing suit

The menstrual bathing suit is an eco-responsible solution that provides good protection when swimming. Whether for the pool, the spa, the lake or the sea, this summer garment is discreet and of high quality. In addition to offering the one-piece bathing suit, the zero-waste company offers two-pieces and even a menstrual bikini according to women's preferences during their period. Bathing during your period shouldn't be an issue!

Menstrual bikini made in Quebec

After several requests, Marie fil designed a first menstrual bikini bottom that allows a sexier look. Women who prefer to wear a two-piece, while continuing to opt for their favorite style will therefore be delighted. Being less covering, it is therefore ideal for less abundant periods or the period following them... Obviously, when there is less fabric, there is less absorbent too! Either way, the menstrual bikini is comfortable and stylish. Made in Quebec directly in the Marie fil de Limoilou workshop, the menstrual bikini bottom is one of the rare "made in Quebec". It is therefore not an imported garment, but a Quebec creation!

Menstrual Bathing Suit 3XS to 4XL

The inclusion and promotion of different body types are important aspects of the Marie fil business. That's why Marie fil menstrual bathing suits range from 3XS to 4XL. They can therefore go as well to a young teenager who has her first period as to a mother with curves. These inclusive sizes therefore allow all women to feel good during their period… Because there is no ideal size to fully enjoy a day at the beach!

Bathing during your period with the menstrual bathing suit

Bathing during menstruation should not be taboo. Indeed, by wearing suitable protection, such as a menstrual bathing suit, it is quite possible to enjoy the joys of water. Also, menstrual flow is usually slowed or completely stopped with water pressure. For women who have an abundant menstrual flow, it is rather recommended to wear it with a menstrual cup to ensure double protection.

Need a menstrual bathing suit ? Marie fil offers you several styles, colors and Quebec manufacturing!

menstrual bathing suit Quebec

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