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Free delivery in Canada with the purchase of $50 or more or fixed at $7. Order sent quickly in less than 5 working days.
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Donations requested: Menstrual products for teenage girls

Marie fil has always been a company involved in its community. Before even thinking about profits or sales, our team has always been committed to promoting women's health and menstrual hygiene. It was when announcing the collection of disposable sanitary napkins that Marie fil began to receive a host of requests. In addition to making donations to community organizations, high school nurses in Quebec City are also trying to get our help for teenage girls in need. Empathetic to their cause and realizing the lack of menstrual hygiene resources, Marie fil wishes to collect emergency donations for teenage girls in need. Because no woman, especially not a teenager, should be bothered by her periods or the financial precariousness of her household.

Schools that no longer have enough hygienic products for their students' first period

High school is often the place of the first period . Limited budgets and huge needs, many human resources working in schools are trying to help teenage girls get feminine hygiene products for free. Not just in disadvantaged neighborhoods, but in several schools in Quebec! Faced with the situation, it would be too easy to complain about the school system and do nothing, but at Marie fil, we are not like that. We prefer to put our hands in the dough and change the world… One step at a time!

Intensive collection of donations of disposable menstrual hygiene products for teenage girls in Quebec

Despite a collection of donations already started a few weeks ago, the reality is that donations quickly fade when being given to women's organizations. Marie fil would really like to help the teenage girls in Quebec City by offering them additional donations through the staff and the nurses. We already have gateways into schools just waiting for our help. Unfortunately, there are not enough stocks to help them. School nurses are motivated to help them. This is a sad reality that our team is facing right now. We therefore invite you to come massively to the store to give us your disposable sanitary napkins, boxes of tampons or unused menstrual hygiene products (obviously). Marie fil will be able to give your donations to various secondary schools whose needs are currently great. We promise you that the donations will be well used and that you will change the lives of young women who are in dire need of it. Our team can thus ensure the confidentiality of school staff who invest body and soul in collecting donations for their students.

Financial precariousness and lack of resources for adolescent girls in menstrual hygiene

In 2022, every teenage girl should have access to menstrual hygiene products in Quebec. Obviously, this is not the case! The lack of education on menstrual hygiene, situations of financial precariousness and the taboo surrounding the subject mean that, even today, teenagers must manage to live their first period alone. A teenager shouldn't find it any easier to miss school than to have a period in it because she doesn't have access to sanitary products. A teenager shouldn't feel overwhelmed by her first period.

Fortunately, people who are sympathetic to the cause of women are looking for solutions to help them. Marie fil will therefore collect donations of disposable hygiene products at her eco-responsible shop located at 1720 1st avenue in Quebec City . Thanks to your help, women and adolescents will be able to live their periods normally without discrimination.

Because becoming a woman shouldn't be a problem!

The Marie fil boutique collects donations of menstrual hygiene products for teenagers in Quebec City via school staff.

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