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Free delivery in Canada with the purchase of $50 or more or fixed at $7. Order sent quickly in less than 5 working days.
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5 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Menstrual Products

Sustainable menstrual products are more and more numerous on the market in Quebec. By dint of looking for effective and risk-free methods for their health, women are now adopting menstrual panties, menstrual cups or even washable sanitary napkins. Marie fil is already convinced of the importance of sustainable feminine hygiene. Here are 5 reasons to choose sustainable menstrual products:

1- Environmental values ​​respected... Even when menstruating!

First and foremost an ecological choice, the transition to sustainable menstrual products greatly limits plastic waste. A single washable sanitary napkin can save the purchase of multiple boxes of disposable sanitary napkins. It also avoids all the packaging that comes with it since Marie fil products are anything but over-packaged!

2- Subsidies available for sustainable feminine hygiene products

Several cities and regions of Quebec encourage the purchase of sustainable feminine hygiene products by offering subsidies. Financial assistance is usually given as a refund of your original bill. It is possible to know the list of cities and regions that offer a grant for sustainable feminine hygiene . Psst! There are some on several eco-responsible products too!

3- Alternative without risk for women's health

Disposable tampons and sanitary napkins have a less and less good reputation. In addition to requiring regular contact with plastic materials. Tampons can lead to toxic shock syndrome or even have chemical residue . Sanitary napkins are irritating and I can't wait to stop wearing them at the end of my period. Using menstrual panties or washable sanitary napkins is comfortable, safe, and using hemp also offers several benefits .

4- Reusable and easy-to-use menstrual products

Despite popular belief, durable menstrual products are easy to use. Obviously, they require a bit more maintenance. However, it is also what makes it possible to have the assurance of a quality product and without risk for the health of the woman who wears them. Rather than creating waste several times a day, you can wash in cold water and postpone your period panties (or washable sanitary napkin) for several years.

5- Sustainable menstrual hygiene is also economical

A box of disposable sanitary napkins generally costs between $10+tx and $15+tx . A box of 26 pads will typically last 1-2 cycles depending on how heavy your period is. A washable sanitary napkin costs between $10+tx and $17+tx and you will usually need about ten (or less if you wash them more often). However, they can last for several years with proper maintenance. After 3 years, you will have sometimes bought up to $300+tx of disposable pads, while with around $150+tx (less if you are eligible for subsidies) of washable sanitary pads, you should still be able to buy them. enjoy a few years. In the long term, you are helping the planet, but also your wallet.

Whatever the reason, adopting sustainable feminine hygiene has several benefits. The Marie fil eco-responsible store team will be happy to help you if you are new to the field. Whether you are on your first or twentieth menstrual panties, our advisers will adapt to your needs.

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